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Adam Kiss

I make things…

  • nice & friendly for developers.
  • live & breathe for designers.
  • work for small businesses.


  • Redesigning and consolidating the collateral of an international client
  • Exploring whether CMS can be as delightful as a minimal text editor, while keeping the owner in full control of their data
  • What's the least you need to do to stay on track of the business? Exploration and development
  • Your thing?

Tools of the trade

  • Empathy for users and clients
  • All Adobe Design & Affinity products, Figma
  • HTML and appropriate webtech: Eleventy where possible, Kirby where preferable, Laravel where needed
  • CSS (nowadays Tailwind), and vanilla JS (or AlpineJS) if necessary
  • Some experience with creative direction, sound, music & motion

Work Experience

Adam Kiss

Based in Bratislava. Find me on Instagram, Twitter or E-mail. Have a nice day.